Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphone Review

Xiaomi makes some of the best and affordable wearable tech in the world. And this time they have outdone themselves with the Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset Earphone.

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Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset Wireless Earphones

Out of the Box

Xiaomi is known to ship a packed box with various items and its the same thing for the Mi Sports Bluetooth. Along with the Bluetooth headset, they ship 5 ear tips for varying sizes. So you never have to worry if your headset will fit you or not.

They also ship an instruction sheet along with it. One thing that is lacking is a case or a box that they ship with other headsets.


If you have seen the Mi Band, then you will see the resemblance as the tracker is the exact same for the Mi Sports Headset as well. The body is made of plastic and the encasing is aluminium.

For traditionalists, they will find the design to be a bit weird, but it is pretty intuitive from a use standpoint. The ear hooks go over your ear and snugly fits inside your ear. This makes it an easy fit and protects against inadvertent falls.

There is also a button with a and a microphone to take calls. On the right earpiece are the volume controls and a Micro-USB connector. This will take some getting used to, as it is not in an obvious place and most users will find it difficult to use it in the beginning.

The wire at the outset looks weak, but it is sturdy like most Xiaomi products. It weighs 17.8 grams which isn’t much

Price: $27

Use and Sound Quality and Battery Life

Using the Mi Sports Headset is a breeze as it has adjustable hooks. According to Xiaomi, it has 7 hours of playback on a single charge which is comprehensive. If you are running on low battery, a quick 10-minute charge is expected to give you a battery life of one hour.

It has a 100 mAh battery which has a standby time of 11 days which is pretty great for a Bluetooth Headphone. Although this seems like quite a bit, the truth of the matter is, battery depletion should also be considered and the Mi Sport’s battery discharges quite quickly.

It’s also sweat and water resistant, so want to listen to music while out in the rain? this headset will enable that.

Talking about the Bluetooth connectivity, it pairs in just 3 seconds which is pretty awesome. The 4.1 Bluetooth can connect to two devices up to 10 metres away which is a pretty good distance. Works seamlessly when you are taking calls as well.

One of the top features is to switch between a phone call and playing music without having to use your phone. This is a big addition for people who are on the move, or when you are sitting and the phone is inside your pocket, you don’t have to remove it to attend the call.

The MEMS Microphone has an incredible range and the call quality is top notch.

Talking about the earpiece, sometimes when you sweat, it causes discomfort when you are using the headphones for a prolonged period. The Mi Sports Bluetooth is enabled with Hypoallergenic properties which do not cause irritation and lets you use the headset comfortably for hours on end.

Generally, the buttons for headset fizzle out after a few months of use, but Xiaomi has focused on making durable buttons which last up to 50,000 presses.

Final Thoughts

Xiaomi has outdone themselves again. Every aspect of the Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset is carefully crafted. The sound and microphone quality are second to none. The ergonomic design sits comfortably in your ear and the anti-allergen properties let you use the Bluetooth for hours on end. The switching back and forth from phone call to music is also a much-appreciated feature

The quick charge feature is also pretty incredible, where you get one hour of playback with just a ten-minute charge. Xiaomi has also solved the problem of fitting the earbuds within your ear by giving over 5 different sizes.

The other awesome feature is the multi-device Bluetooth connection, although the use case is debatable.


  • Ergonomically aesthetic design and look
  • Comfortable snug design that avoids falls
  • Seamless switching back and forth from calls to music
  • 5 earbuds to choose from, that lets you pick the perfect size
  • High-quality MEMS microphone


  • Some people might find it hard getting used to the buttons on the earpiece
  • The voice prompts are in Chinese, which is a big let down
  • For some people, the design of the earpiece doesn’t fit well

Overall, this is a top-class device for people who are looking for comfort and solid sound quality. This is perfect for everyday use and the decent price point is the icing on the cake. The Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset will give every other headset a run for its money and its here to stay.

Price: $27