Redmi AirDots Review

A while back, Xiaomi released a cheaper version of the AirDots under their Redmi branding. It was priced at about 100 Chinese Yuan, which is just about 20 Singapore dollars. Of course since it’s a China exclusive for now, I had to get it from a reseller, and that brought the price to around 30 Singapore dollars. Even at that price, it’s still pretty cheap for a pair of truly wireless earbuds, so I thought I would give it a try. Out of the box, we’re just getting the earbuds themselves, and some eartips in different sizes.

Expensive version: Xiaomi Airdots Review (White)

No charging cable or anything like that, which isn’t really a huge deal since most people probably have some spare microUSB cable lying around anyway. The case itself is actually slightly bigger than the Mi Airdots, but still compact enough to carry around, which I do like. The earbuds themselves are slightly smaller compared to the Mi AirDots, but they do fit my ears about the same. They’re comfortable enough, they have a slim profile, and even while jogging, they stay in my ears pretty well. These are also IPX4 rated, so I don’t have to worry about them getting a little bit wet. Instead of a touch button like the Mi AirDots, we’re getting a physical button on the Redmi AirDots, which I actually don’t really mind since I mostly control my music through my phone anyway.

When I first saw the Redmi AirDots, I was sort of hoping that they would be able to provide a similar audio quality as the Mi Airdots, since the specs were similar on paper. But, that’s not the case here. The Mi AirDots to me seems to have better separation and just overall better sound quality. I guess these are still okay for a pair of 30 dollars wireless earbuds, but I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. In terms of battery life, I’m getting around 3 hours of continuous playback on a single charge, and around 9 hours of playback before the case itself runs out of battery.

Which isn’t fantastic, but at least the case is still pretty compact overall, and easy enough to carry around. I’m not a fan of the microUSB charging port, but I can’t really complain because of its price. In the end, that’s the main thing here. Price. The Redmi AirDots is not going to blow your socks off when it comes to sound quality, but it is cheap enough, and it works well enough.

Personally, I’ll still recommend paying a little bit more for the Mi Airdots if you can, But if you’re on a really tight budget, I guess this could still be a decent option.

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