Latest Huawei Earbuds

Huawei earbuds are the waves of calls and music future. The company produces brands that boast the best stereo experience. With the advancing technology, each year new ones with unique features are introduced into the market. For that reason, not every pair is as good as the other and the latest product seems to triumph.

With that being said, there are some specifics you should look for when purchasing a Huawei earbud. Such factors include:

Sound quality: Most of the Huawei earbuds make a great sound but the sound quality is determined by certain factors and this brings the difference. For instance, they differ in the background noise cancellation capability and the nature of microphones.

Charging power or battery life: You do not want an earbud device that you take off to charge all the time. An earbud that gives you alonger full powered music or call time will be worth your money.

Volume control: You should enjoy the music at the level you want. For that reason, you need to have control over your earbud volume.

Earbud size and seal: While we always recommend a tiny earbud due to its portability and comfort, some argue that they are hard to trace once misplaced. Therefore, this will depend on what you value most.

Cost: By considering the cost we don’t mean you should shy away from the expensive earbuds, no! Good things are worth a fortune. As long as you can afford it, you are in for the best product. We have included the cost just to remind you that it will dictate what you will carry home despite the features you are looking for.

Here are some of the latest Huawei earbuds that you won’t regret buying this year.

Original Huawei CM33 USB Type-C Earphone,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

US $0.30

Who said USB earbuds are out of fashion? As long as you will not engage in activities that may force you to put your phone away, this USB Type-C latest brand will give you a true stereo experience when making calls or listening to music. This brand features three-button remote control for a noise reduction upgrade and clear call experience.

Besides, plug and play are very convenient and fast. Not to mention the ergonomic design that makes it very comfortable to the ears.


  • Plugging and playing music is a breeze
  • Guarantee pure sound


  • Volume control only supports Android phones, not iPhones.
  • May not be ideal to those who have ear problems.

New TWS Bluetooth 5.1 9D Stereo Earbud,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

US $19.80

This brand is waterproof and resistant to your sweat so that you don’t need to take it off during a workout. Besides, its ergonomic design enables it to fit firmly in your ears. It allows automatic pairing and with a Bluetooth 5.1 chip, expect strong compatibility and stable transmission. The best part, it is compatible with all iPhones and Androids that support bluetooth.

What makes it outstanding from some other brand in this category is the voice support and intelligent touch control. Lastly, it features noise reduction technology to improve the quality of the sound. Not to forget the wireless charging system and a built-in long lasting battery.


  • Easy to connect with Bluetooth
  • Suitable for all smartphones
  • Physical noise reduction
  • Voice control support
  • Intelligent touch


  • It is stuffed into the ears and may not be ideal for those who have ear problems

New Bee Bluetooth 5.0 Earpiece for iPhone Xiaomi

US $9.99 – 13.99

This is a good fit for those who engage in activities that compel them to bend so often.This lightweight silicon design has an ear hook to keep the earpiece in place so there are no falling worries. Even more, it is lightweight and very comfortable to your ears.

Besides, once you get your hands on this brand, you are in for an HD music and calling sound for both sides. You don’t have to worry about the type of phone as long as your phone supports bluetooth.The best part is its battery quality. Just in a single charge, which lasts less than 3 hours, you are sure to enjoy 22 hours of continuous music time plus a day call time.


  • Long-lasting better time
  • Wide compatibility
  • Rotatable ear hook
  • Connects two phones at the same time.


  • It supports Russian and English language but only one language can be installed in each headset, that is, you can’t change language.
  • It is inserted into the ears and may cause inflammation.

DDJ H10 Wireless Earphone Bone Conduction Headphones

US $35.87

For those who don’t get along with the earbuds inserted into the ears, this may be your best options.To start with, the fact that it is not stuffed into the ears means you avoid ear inflammation and sweating that might lead to bacteria build-up.

Besides, it is compact and wears firmly; a very ideal one for hiking, rock climbing, basketball, or any other activities that involve bending. Its lightweight, 32g, makes it a very nice gift for the elderly.

The best part is the 8G built-in memory. This is something you will rarely get in other earbuds. Even more, is the long-lasting battery. We are talking about 6 hours of endurance without stopping.


Water and sweat proof


Comes with 8GB memory


We didn’t experience its bad side.

New Xiaomi FIIL T1 Pro Ture Bluetooth 5.0

US $74.88

Given the conveniences this brand offers, it is worth its price. If you fancy tiny earbuds that are lightweight and comfortable to ears, this new brand may be the best for you. Despite being as small as beans, it boasts myriad features that you will never find with bulky ones.

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To start with is the wireless charging system.The best part, the battery lasts long once fully charged. How does 7 hours of continuous full powered music sound like? At moderate music and noise reduction power, you can listen to songs for 32 hours.

Earbuds noise reduction rates differ with this brand capable of reducing ambient noise by 95%. This is more than enough to help you catch every detail of a song or calls. Besides, it guarantees a more stable, faster, and accurate Bluetooth pairing.


High level of noise reduction

It has a skin sensor

Can be turned into a live concert.

  • Has a superb waterproof grade


It is tiny and inserted into the ears and this may cause ear problems

  • It is a bit expensive

DACOM Airwings 8 GB MP3 Wireless Headphone Sports 8GB MP3-P,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

US $27.49

This is also another healthy brand since you don’t need to stuff it into your ears. However, there is more to it than just a health concern.

A hooping 8GB memory means you can download and store 3000 favorite songs, put away your phone, and easily listen to music as you do sports. Besides, it is lightweight and firmly grip your ears and this makes it a great sport airwing. A long-lasting battery that allows 15 hours of music time means you will not stop your training to charge it.


  • 8GB storage memory
  • Doesn’t damage the ears
  • Adopt the newly upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 chip.


  • Unless you experienced a challenge unique to the one you purchased, we don’t see any bad side of this brand.

HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 – TWS Bluetooth 5.1,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

US $63.19 – 134.29

Huawei FreeBuds 3 easily pairs with a Bluetooth device to provide users with an amazing stereo experience when listening to music or making calls. The two earbuds automatically switch depending on the battery level or usage scenario to ensure an optimum listening experience.

It boasts low power Bluetooth for reduced power usage and long battery life. Besides, it is automatically charged when stored in the charging case and this is another brand that boasts of wireless charging in this list. A single charge guarantees 2.5 hours of voice call and about 4 hours of continuous music at high power. However, you can use it in conjunction with a charging case to extend the voice call and music playback hours to 12 and 20 respectively.

It features a noise reduction technology which effectively cancels any form of background noise to ensure the effectiveness of the music and calls.


Low power consumption

Wireless charging case



Battery life is relatively shorter, particularly when not used together with the charging case.

Huawei Honor Flypods Hi-Fi TWS Bluetooth Headphone,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

US $79.19 – 82.79

This is one of the latest Huawei honor brands you will find with amazing features. You can operate the music and incoming calls by a double-tap on the earphone. Consequently, it features a support voice command to help accomplish calls, clock settings, and finding the map.

Still, just like the rest, it has all the recognizable technology such as a call noise reduction technology. However, the quality of the sound it emits into your ears is made even better thanks to the double MEMS microphone in every earphone. And not to mention the ergonomic design for comfortable wearing and long-lasting battery.


  • Double-tap control
  • Comfortable wear
  • Wireless charging
  • Longlife battery


  • It is a bit expensive
  • Can cause ear inflammation

TWS Bluetooth Headphone for Xiaomi Huawei Oppo Iphone

US $9.74

This is another TWS latest brand that boasts myriad features. With an upgraded bluetooth 5.1, it is highly compatible. Besides, expect features such as voice assistance, intelligent noise reduction, and level 7 waterproof.

Lastly, its ergonomic design helps it hold onto the ears for as long as you want without you feeling burdened. That feature and the long life battery will enable you to listen to your favourite songs all day long.


  • High grade water proof
  • Siri voice assistance
  • Intelligent noise reduction


May cause ear inflammation

The Bottom Line

We hope we have narrowed your choice on the latest Huawei earbud. The ones in this list are tasted and proven to be excellent. Try any of them and you will not regret your decision.

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