How Water Resistant are your Gadget?

I write about headphones and audio gear for wire cutter we all want Cabot’s that are rugged or impervious to rain sweat and swimming and luckily we’re seeing more and more companies that are making their products water-resistant the problem is it’s hard to know just how durable any given gadget can be so let’s sort all this out

there’s actually a standardized third party system for rating products according to how resistant to moisture and dust they are it’s called the IPX rating system you might have seen certain gadgets that are advertised as having a certain IP X rating or another but you ever wonder how the system works and what it actually means and clear that up for you IP or ingress protection is an international standard that rates just how sealed the electrical enclosure is from the intrusion of outside materials so specifically dust and water independently certified labs can test a device and give it a rating and a product doesn’t have to be IP rated to be considered water or dust resistant but seeing that IP rating gives you some assurance that the claims that the manufacturer is making is based on some actual testing.

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when you look at an IP rating you’re gonna see two numbers the first one is all about dust and that scale is one to seven the second is all about water and the scale is one to nine the higher the number the better the protection so as far as dust is concerned unless you’re like mountain biking or taking your gear to the beach a lot the most important factor you want to consider is water assistance now the ratings for water resistance are a little bit more subtle in specific so a one is water dripping for 10 minutes directly from above so essentially just like this and two is from a 15 degree angle 3 is a spray of water while the device is rotated for 60 degrees and it’s with five minutes afterwards if it still works it’s fine for is a splash of water from any direction and then after five minutes shake it dry and it should still work five is three gallons a minute from any direction from like a super soaker sized hose and six is a wide stream of water about a regular-sized hose width for about three minutes hoes okay well we’re not gonna do that but seven is where it gets really fun because seven is the immersion of water for thirty minutes about a meter deep so essentially just drop it on in so

what does this mean when you’re shopping if you’re using gear outside and you want protection from the occasional rain you shower or something like that we recommend to find something that’s IP x3 or above or it’s rated as water-resistant so some popular examples of that would be these Plantronics back feet go for ten good Apple earpods and the beach axe but be careful because apple and beets aren’t IP rated although they claim mild water resistance you still might be held on the hook if something goes wrong if they get really really wet and you want to make a warranty plan for something but if you’re gonna be doing a lot of stuff that’s gonna get you really sweaty or you’re gonna be in the rain a lot or you’re worried about getting cotton

I don’t know a torrential downpour or something you might want to throw them in your bag or look for something that’s rated IP for sweat resistant or above so good examples of those would be like the Jaybirds the Jabra elite active 65 T and these Plantronics so all of these guys are going to be great if you want to go to the gym you can sweat on them and let them dry and they’ll be fine and of course if you want to go swimming IP seven the braggy – pro the swim bud sports or the JBL clip – so here’s the thing even though these things are all rated and no matter how high the rating there’s always gonna be limits to water resistance

so please let your gadgets dry thoroughly in between charging and uses never plug in your device when it’s wet and these ratings only apply to clear fresh water so salt water soda shampoo conditioner or other liquids like that can actually still cause problems in your device so feel free to soak in the tub or rinse off in the shower with your waterproof headphones but please take them out when you lather rinse and repeat and also wash your ears for more about our waterproof pics for headphones and other audio gear – Best Xiaomi Gadgets.

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